1913 strike and lockout essay writer

T Cosgrave, on suburban housing was directly influenced by more than fifty years of crises and reports into living conditions in the Dublin slums. The shift in direction from flat dwellings to suburbanisation and subsidised home ownership had two main advantages, firstly it tackled the serious problem of living conditions and overcrowding which were associated with the spread of communicable disease and secondly it played a role in consolidating the new state. This essay will examine the achievement of the first significant building scheme by Dublin Corporation at Marino on the northside of the city. With a focus on the political and social ideas which influenced its conception and its perceived successes and failures.

1913 strike and lockout essay writer

Dublinwe talk about the most bitter and iconic strike in Irish history — the Lockout of The Lockout was an industrial dispute that lasted from August to January Padraig Yeates narrates the course of the dispute here.

Eventually the numbers on strike reached 20, The battle to try to reverse these sackings took six long and bitter months and ultimately ended in failure. Though many, as Padraig explains, never recovered their jobs at all.

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Violence Dublin experienced rioting, beatings and even shootings in the streets. Two strikers died from injuries inflicted by the police during the Lockout, another died from a gunshot wound and at least one strike breaker was beaten to death by strikers.

Those who refused were sacked Here Padraig Yeates talks about the violent aspects of the strike. Under this scheme, the children of strikers would be looked after in England by other trade unionists until the dispute was over.

Under the scheme, strikers children would be looked after in England. It aroused the intense hostility of the Catholic Church.

1913 strike and lockout essay writer

William WalshArchbishop of Dublin also feared that the children would not be able to return to the slums after living in more prosperous surroundings.

One legacy of the Lockout was the Irish Citizen Army.

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Originally this was a street-fighting force intended to take on the police with fists and bats and to protect union demonstrations. Below, Padraig Yeates explains how the Citizen Army moved from trade union militancy to nationalist insurrectionism.

Finally, Padraig sums up what he feels is the historical importance of the Lockout. Coming from a socialist and secular perspective, he argues that the Lockout represented the defeat of progressive and pluralist ideas, on the eve of Irish independence, by the forces of business, the Catholic Church and conservative nationalism.Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.

The lockout is a topic that often appears on the leaving certificate history exam. The question on is almost always in the Movements for Political and Social Reform (topic 2 in section 2 IRELAND) section of the ph-vs.com question is .

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