A sad day

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A sad day

By Ken Kostel We lost Nereus today. It was always a possibility, given where it was designed to go.

The fact that it was lost doing what it was intended to do in no way lessens the sting. Our dive last night was the deepest one planned of the entire cruise—10, meters.

A sad day

Everything was going fine. Then the camera feeds abruptly went dark, and we lost communication with the vehicle. Whenever Nereus lost contact with the surface, it was programmed to wait 30 minutes so that the ship could be moved a safe distance away before Nereus dropped its ascent weights.

So we moved and waited.

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We knew its last position on the seafloor, roughly how fast it would rise, and the nature of the currents beneath the surface. So we knew approximately when and where it would appear. The rescue boat went in and three crew members began scouring the surface with nets as more and more white dots appeared.

By then we knew.

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But time on a ship like this is not easy to come by. We still have a lander, a fish trap, a hadal elevator, and lots of spare parts.

We also have engineers and scientists who have perhaps a combined century of experience among them solving problems and designing tools to study the ocean.3-Letter Words Defined.

Some words may have multiple meanings (not listed here) Interjections cannot be pluralised (exceptions are stated) Nouns can be pluralised with "S" or .

A sad day

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They will make your heart too sad. As part of the stories of the year collection, this piece is being resurfaced along with others in the coming days as ESPN Digital and Print Media closes out the year.

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