Academic english help writing poetry

Usually a poem is broken into lines and stanzas; however, rhyme, although often considered to be an essential element of a poem, is not necessary. To be considered poetry, a piece of writing must, above anything else, possess artistic and aesthetic value.

Academic english help writing poetry

In this article we will attempt to demonstrate how the language teacher may use a poem as a way to brainstorm ideas for creating a coherent and meaningful outline of the planned essay.

To begin with, let us define what academic writing is. According to Oshima and Hogue It is mainly formal, impersonal and objective.

One genre of academic writing is an academic essay, which appears to be the most popular genre introduced at school and university. An essay is a short piece of writing that discusses, describes or analyses one topic.

The academic essay usually presents central claim s and supports claim s using arguments based on evidence and cautious language. The central idea is usually developed through such methods of organisation as chronological order or comparison and contrast. Essay writing is a complex process, which requires the knowledge and the skill.

As claimed by Hogue and Oshima writing of the essay mainly consists of two stages pre-writing and writing, where the emphasis is made on preliminary work done.

Poetry Writing . Creative and Simple

Preliminary work done by a student consists of the following steps Oshima and Hogue, ; Barnet, annotating choosing and narrowing a topic from general topic to very specific one brainstorming listing, free writing, clustering grouping determining subdivisions and grouping ideas around the key subtopics outlining making a plan of an essay Each of these steps contributes to the formation of an essay outline and cannot be omitted.

Thus, to quote Robert Frost as cited in Barnet, To learn to write is to learn to have ideas. But the question is what to read to initiate the process of thinking and generating ideas to write.

The choice of reading texts can be various: We recommend poetry to start with as it differs at the level of expressive means employed. In other forms of literature such as prose and drama we want to know what happens next.

However, poetry insists that we read not only to get to the end of the work, but also to enjoy the trip by taking pleasure in the words, rhythms and sounds as well as in the statements made. Poetry often says complex things with a minimum of words because its language calls attention to itself.

Perhaps, the most important feature of poetry is its compression Biddle and Fulwiler, A poem is so compressed that, if everyone considers what can be considered, he will never run out of things to write about.

Writing About Poetry

Poems are typically compact; each word carries a heavy burden. It leaves much for readers to infer and conclude; it sets us free to feel and think. The recommended procedure of working with the poem based on the literature classes conducted by the authors in Narva College of Tartu University could be the following.

The suggestions should be written on the blackboard. Some typical answers received from Narva students were beauty, love, ruins, broken, solid, power, weakness etc.

In addition, the teacher may also ask students questions such as: Flower in the Crannied Wall by Lord Alfred Tennyson Flower in the crannied wall, I pluck you out of the crannies, I hold you here, root and all, in my hand, Little flower — but if I could understand What you are, root and all, and all in all, I should know what God and man is.

Clare, The teacher reads the poem aloud first and then allocates some time for silent reading before initiating a discussion with students. This characteristic feature of poetry is called imagery.

Hence, the teacher may ask students what picture this poem suggests. We can see a crannied wall maybe somewhere in a garden, and a man standing by the wall. He sees a beautiful flower in the crack of the wall, plucks it out and holding it in his hand thinks about eternal things such as God and Man and Nature.

academic english help writing poetry

And then students should try to answer the main question of what the meaning of this poem is and what is implied by the picture imagined.

The suggestion may be elucidated in groups and later given to the teacher to be written on the board. Thus, the students try to analyse the poem and at the same time they brainstorm ideas for future writing. At this point the teacher should explain that the process of generating ideas, in other words, brainstorming, is of utter importance in the process of writing.

According to Barnet S.Advice on writing your own narrative poem or ballad and poetry prompts to get you started. Poem Types - How to Write a Limerick. Limericks are a lot of fun to read and write. Jan 01,  · One genre of academic writing is an academic essay, which appears to be the most popular genre introduced at school and university.

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