Jashan e baharan celebrations at cbm

He was speaking at a ceremony in Bhitshah on Wednesday at which prizes were given to culture department's employees who had performed their duties well at the th Urs celebrations of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Jashan-e-Baharan Lahore. He said the working of the Bhitshah cultural centre would be streamlined to project the culture of Sindh in a better manner.

Jashan e baharan celebrations at cbm

Or it may bring to your mind fantastically shaped dragons and demon heads. What should come to your mind upon hearing the word Basant is a wildly colorful festival that covers the skies of Lahore with swooping triangles and the streets of Lahore with gangs of bow-kata kids.

On the family side, it is a great weekend when everyone dresses in mustard-hued fineries, climbs to the highest reachable point of their residences, puts on music and flies kites non-stop for 48 hours. On the professional circuit, it is a hard-core battle of skills and wits with fingers cut through to the bones and eyes squinted shut through years of kiting.

So, this week is Basant Week here at CM. A Jashan e baharan celebrations at cbm of history today. String preparation and type of kites tomorrow.

Jashan e baharan celebrations at cbm

Next, rules of engagement. Yes, that is a mission, should you chose to accept it. In India, we have references to kites in the fourth century Panchatantra tales, translated into the Arabic in Kalila wa Dimna.

Kites found a sacred and recreational space in the Malay, Pacific Islands, Japan etc. The Turkic and Mongolian influx into the Islamic world made kite-flying into a leisure activity from Cairo to Delhi by the 13th century.

However, kite-flying was never a sport for the masses; it was for the indulgence of princes in their marble terraces [just like pigeons but I digress].

Basant itself is a north-Indian celebration of Spring. The Basant Pancami festival was the a five day festival during the Magh month [Jan-Feb] when the fields are awash in mustard-seed flowers. This festival can be traced at least since the mid thirteenth century and here is a late, yet prototypical account, from the early 19th century by Mrs.

Meer Hassan Ali [an Englishwoman married to an Indian noble]: There is a festival observed at Lucknow called Bussund spring-colour. I should remark here, that almost all the trees of India have perpetual foliage; as the season approaches for the new leaves to sprout, the young buds force off the old leaves; and when the trees are thus clothed in their first delicate foliage, there is a yellow tinge in the colour which is denominated Bussund Spring.

A day is appointed to be kept under this title, and then every one wears the Bussund colour; no one would be admitted at Court without this badge of the day. The elephants, horses and camels of the King, or of his nobles, are all ornamented with the same colour on their trappings.

Jashan e baharan celebrations at cbm

The King holds a Court, gives a public breakfast, and exhibits sports with ferocious animals. The amusements of this day are chiefly confined to the Court: I have not observed much notice taken of it in private life. As usual, we can blame the Sufis for bringing the festival into the Muslim pantheon.

By the Mughal period, Basant was a popular festival at the major Sufi shrines. We have, for example, mentions of Nizam Auliya ki Basant, Khwaja Bakhtiar Kaki ki Basant, Khusrau ki Basant; festivals arranged around the shrines of these various sufi saints.

Khusrau, the famous sufi-poet of the thirteenth century, even composed verses on Basant: I mention the involvement of the Sufis in Basant history because the popular trope of religious leaders in modern Pakistan has been to denounce Basant as a Hindu celebration that needs to be stopped.

Lahore was an early and central city in the emergence of competitive kite-flying.LAHORE: Maradona, Lehmann and Ronaldo XIs in group C2 earned victories against their respective rivals in the Jashan-e-Baharan MTFA Sports Family Festival - at Model Town Football Ground.

HYDERABAD: Bhitshah centre's jubilee festival after Eid. who had performed their duties well at the th Urs celebrations of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Jashan-e-Baharan Lahore. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "Jashan-e-" Flickr tag. Explore.

Recent Photos PHA first time in ox-race jashan e-baharan in lahore. Vespa Bike Full HD Wallpapers Free Download (1) Jashan-e-Milad un Nabi Celebration in walled city of Lahore, Pakistan.

The Basant and Jashan-e-Baharan (Celebrations of the Spring) festitivities are taking off in the city starting from today.

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These include a number of traditional cultral events with Jillani Park (Race Course Park) being the epicenter of it all.

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