Production of ethanol from mango mangifera

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Production of ethanol from mango mangifera

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Mango is now recognized as one of the choicest fruits in the world market for its excellent flavour, attractive color and delicious taste. It has medium calorific and high nutritional values.

Carbohydrate content in ripe mango pulp is Besides, mango contains appreciable quantity of provitamin A, vitamin C and soluble sugar Samad et al. The fruit has really of immense value in respect of money and prosperity.

Due to certain limitations of soil and climate conditions, the mango grows better in some selective areas of Bangladesh. Mango ranks third among the tropical fruits grown in the world with a total production of million metric-tons FAO, In Bangladesh, mango ranks first in terms of area and third in respect of production.

According to BBSBangladesh produces thousand metric-tons of mangoes per annum from The average yield of mango in Bangladesh is only 3. This yield is much lower compared to that of our neighboring countries like India 8.

Mango has been cultivated in this sub-continent from years ago Candole, The wild mangoes particularly, M. The mango varieties on the contrary belong to only M.

Production of ethanol from mango mangifera

In Bangladesh, only a small percentage of mango trees are grafted plants. The grafted mango plants are concentrated in a few places in the North-Western region of Bangladesh and mangoes of unknown varieties seedling mangoes are grown in the southern and other parts of Bangladesh Bhuiyan, With the rapid increase in population, the nutritional as well as economic problems are getting worse parallely.

To overcome these problems, development of mango variety ies by evaluation at different agro-climatic regions may be important. Replacement of all the inferiors by the superior varieties must be ensured. This requires a wide survey and collection of superior mango germplasm from home and abroad and thereafter their detailed evaluation under Bangladesh conditions or even for specific region is necessary.

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Still, there may be other superior chance seedling s available in the countryside of Bangladesh that remains unnoticed to the scientists.Scope for producing ethanol from the surplus and non-attractive mango (Mangifera indica) fruits was investigated.

Six varieties of mango that are abundantly occurring in the region were selected for the study and the physico-chemical properties of mango was evaluated. The mango juice from selected.

INTRODUCTION: Bangladesh (Mangifera indica L.) belongs to the family Anacardiaceae, is an important and popular fruit of has a unique position in respect of nutritional quality, taste, consumer’s preference etc., among the fifty kinds of fruits grown in Bangladesh (Ahmad, ).

Mango fruit processing industries generate two types of waste, including solid waste (peel and stones) and liquid waste (juice and wash water). Utilization of this waste is both a necessity and challenge.

This work was aimed to investigate the suitability of dried mango peel for ethanol production.

Production of ethanol from mango mangifera

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